Concrete Repair



Concrete, however durable a construction material, does not last forever. Common causes of concrete deterioration are weathering, high heat exposure, mechanical loading, seismic events, chemical exposure and corrosion to the reinforcing steel embedded in the concrete.

Norcon Corporation has provided high quality concrete repair solutions for over 20 years and has successfully repaired hundreds of damaged structures. Norcon Corporation provides durable long-term concrete repairs through the selection and use of proper materials, equipment and skilled personnel. Norcon Corporation provides concrete repair solutions for all types of structures including but not limited to: bridges, dams, concrete pavement, parking structures, tunnels and wastewater treatment facilities. We have successfully completed projects in Wisconsin and all across the United States.

Norcon Corporation provides the following concrete repair services:

• Beam and Column Repairs
• Wall Repairs
• Foundation Repairs
• Partial Depth Floor Repairs
• Full Depth Floor Repairs
• Epoxy Crack Injection for Structural Restoration (read more)
• Polyurethane Crack Injection to Seal Active Leaks (read more)
• Concrete Raising (Slab Jacking) (read more)
• Industrial Floor Repair (read more)
• Waterproofing and Protection (read more)
• Expansion Joint Repair
• Corrosion Restoration
• Composite Strengthening
• Concrete Cutting and Coring
• Demolition and Removal