WI-DOT LaCrosse Bridge Cleaning, Painting and Epoxy Overlay

WI-DOT Bridge Cleaning, Painting and Epoxy Overlay

LaCrosse4LaCrosse6Cameron Avenue and Cass Street Bridges
Mississippi River
La Crosse, Wisconsin


Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Southwest Region Lacrosse
3550 Mormon Coulee Road
La Crosse, WI 54601




The Mississippi River Bridge is a combination of two individual bridges which are also known as the Cass Street Bridge and the Cameron Avenue Bridge, as well as the Big Blue Bridges. They connect downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin to Barron Island, crossing the east channel of the Mississippi River. Another bridge, the La Crosse West Channel Bridge connects Barron Island to La Crescent, Minnesota. The Mississippi River Bridge carries U.S. Routes 14 and 61 with WI 16 and MN 16.

Work included the complete cleaning of both bridges and identifying corroded areas and spot painting structural steel elements of the Cameron Avenue Bridge.
Fabricated and replaced damaged bridge railing. Installed an epoxy overlay on
both bridge decks. Project included traffic control and pavement markings.