Glen Elder Dam

Glen Elder Dam Spillway Structure Concrete Repairs

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US Department of Interior
Bureau of Reclamation
PO Box 36900
Billings, MT 59107-6900




Glen Elder Dam is a multiple purpose dam and reservoir constructed by the
Bureau of Reclamation in Osborne and Mitchell Counties, on the Solomon
River in north-central Kansas, just west of Glen Elder.

Glen Elder Dam and Waconda Lake, one of the key flood control features of
the Kansas River Basin, provides a high degree of protection to the lower
Solomon River Valley. When operated in conjunction with other basin
reservoirs itcon tributes effectively to the control of flooding on the
lower Smokey Hill and Kansas Rivers.GlenElderDam9GlenElderDam10

The dam was completed in December of 1968

The principal components of the work were the removal of deteriorated concrete
with hydro demolition on the spillway slabs; installation of PVC and hydrophilic
waterstops. Work included the placing of concrete at pier deck, spillway slab and
piers. Excavating and placing of soil cover and seeding. Abandoning of spillway
float system inlets located within the upstream spillway channel and the
dam gallery.